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Mac-Version ready
A slovenia hase contact me, to testing my portable version of Celtx for Mac. He say, the version work not correct.

Yet has me contact the creator of the Portable Apps for Mac, Carlo Gandolfi, and hase relased the first working mac-version.

You can read the Announced on or and on his Homepage.

You need Portable Celtx OS X in your language? Translate this Website. (index.php and download.php)


if you are a graphic designer or a hobby graphic designer, and you have a good idea for a logo of Portable Celtx, go to the logocontest. okay, you can nothing win, but if you love Portable Celtx, help us.


I have after finish my work (2006-12-06) on the project contact the celtx-team by e-mail. the request to write a blog-entry are failed. I have only become a reply with the Information:
see the celtx-forum, any people has made a portable version. no "thank you for you work" or any thanks.

I have find it by a request from 2006-03-13 for Portable Celtx. I Have linked to the Project-Site (at 2006-12-13). And now have find it in the celtx blog (from 2006-12-12) a entry about my project. Cool! Okay, my name are not writet with a "ö", only "oe", but it's okay.

And the Website has a new design!


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