Logocontest for Portable Celtx

We search a logo for Portable celtx. You see the logo on top, this is not a logo, it's only a placeholder.

Q: Is the logo of celtx not good for you?

A: The original logo is okay, but is a user see the symbol, he think, it's another celtx.

Q: make it you self the new logo!

A: i love the f-word... i'm not a graphic designer. and i have not good ideas. if you are creative, create a cool logo and send them me.

Q: What can i win?

A: if you are the winner, i will you name - if you want.

The symbol must signalize the freedom (the "location" anywhere... impossible? i think no: be creative!)
Follow objects are to simply: usb-stick, cloud

1. you must have full rights on the created graphic.
2. if you send me a logo, i add this on the list of Submission Logos. you have the full rights on the logo.
3. the logo should be a vector graphics, not a bitmap image. The celtx logo is a bitmap image, but is not to hard, to create it as vector graphics.
4. if you are the winner, you give us the full rights for you work. We name it you it you want.

We need follow infos:
- High resolution print-ready scalable vector format
- vector-source-file (EPS, SVG, or PSD)
- a JPEG or PNG thumbnail
- Logo-description (short and long)
- Submitter's full name (first and last Name), e-mail address.

great Vector-Software (for SVG): Inkscape
(open-source and for Linux, Mac, Win and any more)
An example can you download here.    

If you send us the customized zip-file, you accept, you have reading and understand the rules.
e-mail-adress se contact-page.

Submission Logos