Q: FAQ???

A: Frequently Asked Questions (short, FAQ). Yes, this project is new and can't hase any Frequently Asked Questions, but if you have any Questions, contact us.

Q: How you have made this Portable Version?

A: I have used the english Version from the Celtx-Forum. The User hase created only a english version of the software. I made in the future a Version in all languages.

The Portable Version of Celtx based on the original files of Celtx and of the portable version of Firefox. I have edit some config-files, and now work the version in other languages.

I'm not a coder. I'm only a User and big Fan of Celtx and a script writer.

Q: How long must i wait for the Linux-version?

A: Long??? At 2007-09-07 is the Mac-version published. The Version has a big shell-script. if you can write for linux a shell-script, contact us.

Q: Great work! Can i make a donate for you work?

A: You can via Paypal donate. Click on the Button:
Support this project

Q: I can't start the Software. Error, the file msvcr71.dll is missing.

A: Check the new Support-Site.

Q: How can i help you?

A: Translater the Website
If you can translate the website (index.php, lern-more.php, download.php), please translate it, and some Metatags, and sens me you work. Thanks!

Send me you ideas for a Logo for Portable Celtx... see the Logo Contest.


Q: I can't find it my Question!

A: Contact me and ask! I add the Question.